Do you recognise this?
• A not optimal use of expensive and scarce square meters,
• Several generations under one roof who all want something different,
• Agile working, scrums, autonomous teams, but is your company ready for that?
• The best people for that important project who don’t live “around the corner”,
• Customers and prospects who seem to be located further and further away.

Just a few examples of issues you are dealing with.
And then there are the daily traffic jams and overcrowded public transport. It’s costing us billions a year, not to mention the CO2 emissions and the irritation it causes twice a day. and then the workday or evening with friends and family has yet to begin.

Working closer to home, a project team close to the client or a temporary office elsewhere. A happy workforce with (top) talent that stays. And that while your fixed and variable costs drop. It is possible, by making smart use of temporary workplace solutions and redesigning the office.

Research shows that the number of business centers and co-working facilities will grow by double digits in the coming years. For your company certainly an option but selection and the negotiation of conditions can be time consuming. 

We are happy to assist and share our knowledge and experience with you.

For over 20 years passionate about flexible workplace solutions, as a user, owner of multiple business centers and creator of new concepts I have the knowledge and experience to make your company take a step in the right direction.

Flexibility leads to:

• A happy and motivated workforce,
• Lower fixed and variable costs,
• Less stress due to long travel times,
• Talent that remains,
• Shorter travel times to your customers and prospects,
• And higher productivity.

Call us for an introductory meeting and we’ll discuss all options that will make your company even more successful.