Finding (temporary)

flexible workplaces

Your partner in finding the perfect (temporary) flexible workplace.

Finding (temporary) flexible workplaces

✓ Looking for a (temporary) flexible office for your team but don’t know where to start?

✓ Considering opening an office in the Netherlands and need a local experienced partner?

✓ Need a temporary workspace where your workers can do their magic, while the office is (re)designed?

✓ Want to know how a flexible workplace can not only contribute to a happier workforce but even save you money at the same time?

Whether you need a (temporary) location for your project team or wish to branch out to The Netherlands, qui bono is there to assist. qui bono is no search engine… nor I aim to be one. Instead of bombarding you with tons of different options, I’ll provide you with a shortlist of carefully selected locations I’ve actually seen with my own eyes and know will meet your criteria.

Why co-working benefits everyone?

  • 74% experience a boost in productivity
  • 82% expand their professional networks
  • 83% feel less lonely and isolated
  • 84% are more motivated and engaged
  • 79% expand their social network
  • 69% acquire new skills
  • 68% improve their existing skills
  • 89% feel more social, productive, and ultimately happier

*From a recent survey conducted by the Harvard business review.

Why qui bono?

Creating happy workers…that’s my mission in everything I do. As an experienced owner, user and consultant of flexible workplace solutions – such as business centres and co-working facilities – I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit, especially without experience and the right network. That’s where I come in. To help you find the perfect (temporary) workplace that will contribute to a happier and more productive workforce.




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