Your working environment:

The environment where people meet, work, are creative, develop ideas and relax is changing very rapidly. In less than 20 years from now a “fixed” workplace will be obsolete and non-existing.

The question is:

How does the individual want to experience her or his new workplace? These days you will find a “traditional” business center on every street corner. And next to the plain vanilla rooms for rent you can now find funky co-working facilities aiming at a certain type of clientele.

The Hospitality approach for agile working:

The step to offer your workers a flexible workplace solution is challenging. Selecting the location, contract negotiations and the “look and feel” that your company wants. It all comes with the decision, next to the fundamental change of working within your company.

I suggest that we move away from the mantra that flex-working is a real estate concept and that “a desk is a desk”. Why not see it from the hospitality point of view? It will certainly add to your staff’s happiness and wellbeing and therefor to their productivity.